Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Urban to Rural

Big Red strikes a pose.

Well, folks, we've done it.  We've packed up our hens, our cats, and our earthly possessions, and have moved to an organic farm (David's family's farm) in the Snoqualmie Valley.  Our hens have gone from urban to rural.  One of them was so nervous that she laid an egg on the car trip over.

We're keeping our flock separate from the farm's flock.  The girls have a spacious run with more egg boxes than they know what to do with.  

The most exciting thing, though, is that we've "borrowed" the farm flock's impressive rooster, Big Red.  He's already quite protective over the ladies and isn't too sure about David or I - he always puffs up at us when we come in the coop to nab some eggs.

We're going to try to convince one of our hens to actually sit on her eggs.  Thus far, Penny hasn't taken kindly to our attempts - we tried putting her with a clutch of eggs with her in a separate cage, but she continually kicked the eggs out from underneath her.  We'll keep trying, for the time being, though we might have to introduce some notoriously broody breeds into our flock to get any results.

At any rate, that's the status of our Tacoma girls.  As far as our decision to move goes, it involved a lot of thinking about our interests and goals...we decided that we wanted to make our passion for food production more of a full-time gig.  We'll miss Tacoma - it was a great place to live, grow a garden, and raise chickens.  We're truly bummed that we won't be able to have our coop in the Urban Coop Tour, but we're hoping to make it back to the city to see the other coops on the route.

I hope that our previous blog posts, links, etc. will continue to help Tacoma-area chicken enthusiasts.  We might blog a bit about our farm adventures here, though I wouldn't want to distract readers from the Tacoma-based content that they came here to read.  If we form a separate farm blog, I'll keep you updated.  (Any thoughts, readers?  i.e., would you prefer to see this blog kept as a Tacoma-only information base, or would you want some of the farm stuff here, too?)

Thanks to all of you for continuing to read our blog!  We're excited to see the direction that Tacoma is moving in.

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